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SmartSweets gets in early and makes bunny and egg-shaped candy for Easter

Smartsweets Berry Bunnies Tropical Eggs

Easter is still quite a while away, two months away in fact, but that distance doesn’t usually stop functional food companies from getting in early and putting together something for the occasion, whether that be a special edition flavor or an entirely separate Easter-themed product. The always delicious and innovative low-sugar candy company SmartSweets has done exactly that, revealing and releasing two items for the annual event, and they are indeed variants of its signature better-for-you candy.

For Easter, SmartSweets has put together Berry Bunnies and Tropical Eggs; the former is a bag of berry-flavored bunny-shaped gummy candy, while the latter has a tropical theme to it, combining pineapple and orange into a single taste and in the form of patterned, egg-shaped pieces. The product has all of the same great nutrition fans have come to expect from SmartSweets and its delicious gummies, with zero fat and protein, a low 3g of sugar in a 50g bag, and the calories are more than reasonable at 130.

We can’t see SmartSweets’ Berry Bunnies and Tropical Eggs in its official online store, at least for now, but you can purchase them from retailers and the online dominator, Amazon. Over on, you can find both of those low-sugar, Easter edition treats with the sweet berry-tasting Berry Bunnies at $39.22 and Tropical Eggs are $37.34, both for a giant box of about 14 bags, working out to around $2.70 each.