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TWP Nutrition is launching a calorie-loaded mass gainer at the UK’s Arnold Expo

Twp Nutrition Weight Up Gainer Coming Soon

It’s not uncommon for exhibitors at health and fitness events like the Arnold Sports Festival to tease, reveal, and even release completely new supplements, and there are plenty of brands aiming to do just that at next week’s Arnold Expo in Columbus, Ohio. TWP Nutrition in the UK is also planning to debut some innovations at its more local Arnold UK Expo, happening precisely two weeks after the one in the US, and one of those all-new products is the high-calorie mass gainer All The Weight Up.

TWP Nutrition gets the name for its mass protein from its more traditional protein powder All The Whey Up, which, again, is more traditional, with high protein, low carbohydrates, and close to no fat, whereas All The Weight Up pairs a hefty amount of protein with an equally high number of carbs. We have not got the complete breakdown of the upcoming TWP supplement, but we can confirm it has 52g of protein a serving and 743 calories, and if we had to guess, we imagine the carbs land just over 100g.

TWP Nutrition’s All The Weight Up also relies on high-quality whole food ingredients plus added superfoods, mushroom extracts, enzymes for better digestion, and a blend of vitamins and minerals for general health and wellness. We are describing the product as a mass gainer, but on the front of its massive bucket, it refers to itself as a mass gainer and meal replacement, something all of those added ingredients play perfectly into, making for a more comprehensive meal-replacing supplement.

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