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Wear a tee from Vince’s Muscle Shop to the Arnold and be in to win $250 store credit

Vinces Muscle Shop Arnold Expo Giveaway

Vince’s Muscle Shop is one of the must-visit supplement stores in Columbus, Ohio, only ten to 15 minutes away from the Columbus Convention Center on Bethel Road, and it is packed full of sports nutrition products from all of the premier brands like NutraBio, Core Nutritionals, MuscleTech, NutriStat, and more. With the retailer right near the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, it has certainly done its fair share of promotions and offers to reach out to the 10s of 1,000s of individuals in town specifically for the event.

This year, it is doing something quite interesting where you could be greatly rewarded for showing your support for Vince’s Muscle Shop. Whether it’s one you’ve had for a while or you purchase it as soon as you get into Columbus, if you wear one of Vince’s Muscle Shop’s tees to the Arnold Expo, you will go in the draw to win $250 store credit. We imagine proof would be needed by way of a selfie or picture with someone at the show and you in the shirt, but again, it’s a small price to pay for the potential reward.

It’s even more of a small price to pay if you were going to grab a tee from Vince’s Muscle Shop anyway or have one already. Be sure to send the picture over to the supplement store on social media or post online and tag the brand, and best of luck with the $250 store credit, which will go a long way with the selection at Vince’s Muscle Shop.