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5% Nutrition puts a simple selection of features in its cost-effective Code Red pre-workout

5 Nutrition Code Red Pre

The Red Series is an entirely new line of supplements now available from 5% Nutrition, consisting of three separate items, all of which are designed for a more cost-effective, value-focused audience. The selection includes Code Red Creatine, Code Red Aminos, and the item we’re highlighting in this post, the fairly straightforward Code Red Pre. As mentioned, the entire family Code Red family of products is built for a more cost-competitive market and that is reflected in the formula.

5% Nutrition’s Code Red Pre brings together seven different ingredients, all common in the world of pre-workouts, and they’re all at moderate dosages, considering the price point the Code Red Series is chasing. Despite the smaller selection of components, the brand has still strung together a formula that can support increased energy, enhanced mental focus, and better muscle pumps, but again, you won’t get the dosages found in the likes of 5% Nutrition’s own Kill It, 5150, or Full As F*ck.

5 Nutrition Code Red Pre Label

Filling out the 10g serving of 5% Nutrition’s Code Red Pre is 4g of pure citrulline and a gram of GlycerSize glycerol for pumps, and a gram of taurine for endurance. Then for those always enjoyable sensory benefits of energy and focus, you get half a gram of tyrosine and 150mg of alpha-GPC for focus, 300mcg of huperzine A, and a reasonably strong 300mg of natural caffeine. There are some B vitamins in the mix as well, but you can clearly see it is very much a cost-effective competitor.

Code Red Pre will be going live on 5% Nutrition’s online store in the near future, alongside the similar value muscle-building Code Red Creatine and Code Red Aminos. Interestingly, the cost-conscious pre-workout hasn’t gone for that more mainstream 30 servings per tub, opting for 20 servings, which will get you through a whole month of training five times a week. It seems as though Code Red Pre will have two flavors available, like the others in the series, one of them being Italian Lemon Ice.