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Alpha Jym gets the premium treatment with everything from the original and more

Alpha Jym X

Jim Stoppani’s legendary brand JYM Supplement Science got into the world of premium pre-workouts about a year and a half ago with Pre Jym X, coming at a slightly higher price than the original Pre Jym but featuring a more advanced and comprehensive formula in return. About a year and a half later, the sports nutrition company has introduced a similar sort of thing for its testosterone booster Alpha Jym with Alpha Jym X, carrying a similarly heightened price as Pre Jym X and that extra robust combination of ingredients.

To create that advanced testosterone-boosting product, JYM Supplement Science has essentially taken everything from Alpha Jym and combined it with even more ingredients for that core purpose to create Alph Jym X. The brand has carried over everything from the regular offering with damiana at the same single gram, 500mg each of DIM and quercetin, 50% more longjack at 300mg a serving, and ashwagandha and fenugreek both at a hefty 1.2g which is a 20% increase compared to what you get in Alpha Jym.

Alpha Jym X Label

JYM Supplement Science has then merged all of those familiar Alpha Jym components with 50mg of DHEA, 10mg of boron, and 500mg of shilajit. All of those additions are purely there to strengthen Alpha Jym X compared to the regular Alpha Jym and offer deeper support in the area of naturally boosting and optimizing testosterone. Basically, if you’re a fan of the brand’s first testosterone booster and found great results, this will simply do better, but it does carry that bigger price tag, signature of premium products.

Alpha Jym X is available first over at JYM Supplement Science’s major retail partner, The Vitamin Shoppe, where a full-size bottle of 30 servings will cost you $69.99, which, compared to the same one month’s supply of Alpha Jym, is a 40% jump of $20. Going through the sports nutrition store, you do get free shipping on orders that total more than $35, which Alpha Jym X immediately qualifies for being $69.99.