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Altered formulates one of the strongest domestically made pre-workouts in Australia

Altered Nutrition Altered State

Altered Nutrition is one of the younger competitors in the world of sports nutrition, and it has a well-put-together selection right from the beginning. The brand has a presence in two major categories, including, of course, the busy and fast-paced world of pre-workout. The other space Altered reaches into is protein powder, with a recently released supplement relying exclusively on premium, high-quality New Zealand whey isolate straight from the dairy powerhouse Fonterra.

The name of Altered Nutrition’s star supplement is Altered State, a pre-workout that reflects its bold statement of being Australia’s most stacked entry in that highly competitive area of the industry. Compared to what else is on the market down under, Altered does not disappoint, packing its pre-workout with reliable ingredients and dosages ensuring all of your bases are covered regarding increased energy, enhanced mental focus, and better muscle pumps.

Altered Nutrition’s pre-workout Altered State has plenty of highlights for muscle pumps, starting with 6g of citrulline malate in a maximum two-scoop serving, then you get 1.5g of Agmapure-branded agmatine and 200mg of pine bark. There is an infusion of performance and endurance support, too, by way of the ever-present beta-alanine at its full and effective amount of 3.2g.

Altered Nutrition Altered State Label

The energy and focus portion of the Altered Nutrition pre-workout is where it really sets the tone, as Altered State has an array of components to drive home a strong sensory experience. The nootropics tyrosine and alpha-gpc are in the mix at 2g and 300mg, respectively, alongside 200mg juglans regia, hordenine, synephrine, theanine, huperzine A at 100mcg, and a potent level of caffeine with anhydrous and Infinergy combining for just under 500mg in a full serving.

Altered Nutrition’s goal of putting one of the most packed-out premium pre-workouts on the Australian market seems to have been achieved in Altered State, and this is from a domestic brand, not an imported one. Better yet, Altered prices its pre-workout right in line with the competition at $69.95 (45.85 USD) for a bottle of 25 maximum servings, that’s $55.96 if you’re looking at it from a 20-serving angle, and there is a nice variety of five flavors to choose from.