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Applied rolls together eight different mushrooms for its multi-benefit Mushroom Superblend

Applied Nutrition Mushroom Superblend

Applied Nutrition only has a small selection of supplements in the US, but in its home market of the UK and Europe, it has a lineup far greater than the majority of competitors in the industry. What’s even more interesting is despite the size of its catalog, it continues to find ways to add and expand, reaching further into categories or finding new spaces to have a presence. Mushroom Superblend is Applied’s latest outing, which is a blend of various functional mushroom extracts.

Applied Nutrition’s Mushroom Superblend has eight specific mushroom extracts, and they’re all dosed exactly the same at half a gram in every 4g serving, giving you the freedom to dose to your liking, such as having a double the serving to get a gram of each entry. Every mushroom is there for the functional purpose it is known for like maitake for immunity, lion’s mane for cognition and focus, shiitake for cardiovascular health, and king trumpet for brain and heart health.

The other four mushroom extracts in Mushroom Superblend are cordyceps for energy and performance, tremella for skin aging and complexion, reishi for vitality and wellbeing, and lastly, chaga for its ability to reduce cell damage and provide a great source of antioxidants. Applied Nutrition has made this precisely what it’s called and given respectable dosages to let each ingredient shine, although you might want to mix it in a smoothie or something as it is naturally flavored. You can get the mushroom cocktail straight from the brand’s website at £19.95 for a bag of 40 servings.