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Axe and Sledge reveals its treat-like Marshmallow Milk flavor of protein powder

Axe And Sledge Marshmallow Milk Farm Fed

Axe and Sledge is no stranger to crafting creative new flavors regardless of the type of supplement, from its Jack Daniels-inspired Whiskey and Cola flavor of Seventh Gear, Hydraulic, and The Grind, and its various authentic collaborations with Dippin’ Dots for its signature protein powder, Farm Fed. Seth Feroce and the team have been back in the kitchen cooking up another intriguing taste for their grass-fed whey isolate-powered protein supplement, and based on the description, it sounds like a genuinely intriguing experience.

The newest flavor from Axe and Sledge is a Marshmallow Milk Farm Fed protein powder, which is a blend of sweet miniature marshmallows and creamy milk, all in the form of a supremely lean source of protein. As delicious and dessert-like as the product sounds, it still provides 25g of protein a serving, all from grass-fed whey isolate, just a gram of carbohydrates, half a gram of fat, and a reasonable 108 calories. Marshmallow Milk will be launching shortly through, but it is only going to be around for a limited time.