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BEAM teases an intriguing canned drink and it is anything but traditional

Beam Previews Green Beverage

In a world where we’re seeing can after can and energy drink after energy drink, BEAM is looking to save the day with something in that format but also extremely different, and we can’t emphasize the term “different” enough. The premium lifestyle brand has posted a quick teaser video of its first-ever beverage in a traditional soda can, but despite being in the world of health and nutrition, it is not going to be an energy drink or even a protein shake; none of the types of drinks we usually see here at Stack3d.

Looking at what little information BEAM has included in its teaser clip, it seems as though it is taking the category of superfood, where it completes with the great-tasting Super Greens, and it is turning it into a convenient on-the-go beverage. While we have certainly seen our fair share of unique and intriguing functional drinks from the supplement industry, none have ever been something like this, where presumably BEAM is putting a set of superfood ingredients into a can, to create a health and wellness beverage.

Keep in mind we don’t have all of the details on the upcoming BEAM Greens drink, all of the things we’re mentioning is from its short and sweet teaser video. There is the possibility that there is more to the product, as in maybe it has a touch of energy alongside the variety of greens, or even another angle with added probiotics and enzymes like the brand’s Super Greens supplement. We’ll have to wait and see, and it sounds like more information will be along shortly as well as availability of the unique beverage.