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Black Skull puts together a protein chocolate egg for Easter but it’s also very high in calories

Black Skull Gourmet Protein Brownie Easter Egg

Special edition Easter-themed products typically come out of the United Kingdom and Europe, where functional food companies show off their creative flair and make things like giant chocolate eggs that are high in protein or Eastery flavors for their already available, delicious snacks and treats. The Brazilian giant Black Skull has actually come out and done something in that area, introducing the Gourmet Protein Brownie Easter Egg, and it is indeed a protein-packed Easter Egg.

Pictures of Black Skull’s limited edition Gourmet Protein Brownie Easter Egg genuinely must not do it justice, as it looks like a traditional Easter Egg of moderate size; however, it actually weighs an absolutely mammoth 267g or 9.4oz. With that gigantic size, even though the product is high in protein, it is an all-out mass gainer of a functional food. The entire egg packs 72g of protein, 108g of carbohydrates, 44g of fat, and, interestingly, 2g of colostrum for a calorie count of 1,112.

Basically, while the Gourmet Protein Brownie Easter Egg is from a sports nutrition brand in Black Skull, it’s in the area of a high-calorie mass protein, not something you could eat guilt-free or simply trade out for a traditional Easter Egg. It is purely due to the size of the product that its macros are thrown out of proportion, but if you’d like to join in and celebrate Easter with Brazil’s Black Skull, you can get the oversized protein chocolate egg direct at R$149.90‚Äč (30.10 USD).