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Black Skull puts a dash of colostrum in its all-new grass-fed whey-based protein offering

Black Skull Whey Grassfed

Black Skull in Brazil has a substantial selection of supplements, many of them competing in the saturated world of protein powder, and it has all sorts of competitors for different lifestyles, price points, and approaches to nutrition. Obviously, the wider the variety, the less room a brand has to add new and different products, but that hasn’t stopped Black Skull with the likes of Whey Zero, Whey 3HD, Whey 3HD Whey 100% HD, Protein 7 Blend, Protein Muscle, and now, Whey Grassfed.

Black Skull’s Whey Grassfed is indeed a protein powder backed by premium grass-fed whey protein, providing 19g of protein a serving alongside lean and low numbers filling out the rest of the nutrition profile. In addition to the high-quality source of protein, the brand, popular and widely available in Brazil, has thrown in a gram of bovine colostrum to further enhance muscle recovery, and it is available in freeze-dried fruit flavors with Guaraná with Açaí and Chocolate with Cupuaçu.

Whey Grassfed was announced in the US this past week and is apparently going to be available first and exclusively in North America through the online giant Amazon, although it does sound like it will eventually make its way into other markets, presumably Black Skull’s home country of Brazil.