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Bombbar adds a classic snack bar to its primarily better-for-you Snaq Fabriq line

Bombbar Snaq Fabriq Muesli Bar

Bombbar is a ridiculously creative functional food company known for pumping out unique, innovative, and deliciously intriguing treats and snacks that have a better-for-you twist, whether that be low to no sugar, low calories, or the classic high-protein. To reflect just how impressive the brand has been over the years, it has indeed won our Functional Brand Of The Year three years in a row, and that has not slowed down its will to find new products and do things differently.

In the first few months of this year, Bombbar has already dropped a few interesting items, one of the latest being the simply named Muesli Bar under its healthier alternative Snaq Fabriq line, more focused on low sugar and calories than high protein. The Snaq Fabriq Muesli is a classic snack bar basically, featuring a nut and oat-based main body on top of a solid and on-point chocolate base that has no added sugar and a reasonable 13g of carbohydrates in a sizeable 50g bar.

The protein isn’t anything to write home about, sitting at 3g a piece, but again, the focus of everything under Snaq Fabriq is geared towards being better for you, not so much more protein to support muscle building, recovery, and performance. There are four flavors available for Bombbar’s Muesli Bar, each of them having bits and pieces inside to feed into the overall taste experience with Cranberry, Blueberry, Chocolate Banana, and Chocolate Coconut with coconut pieces.