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C4 Ultimate Energy Drink moves to a tri-stim blend of TeaCrine, Dynamine and caffeine

C4 Ultimate Energy Drink Now Includes Dynamine And Teacrine

About a year ago, Cellucor and C4 revamped their more premium Ultimate series beverage in the C4 Ultimate Energy Drink, turning it into a more nootropic type experience by switching around a few components. The product had the likes of citrulline and betaine taken out and, again, more focus-driving ingredients tossed in. Debuted at the Arnold Sports Festival this past weekend was a fresh new version of the C4 Ultimate Energy Drink that sees it return to the energy and performance-powering experience.

The revamped C4 Ultimate Energy Drink centers around a tri-stim blend for a strong and intense beverage performance beyond your traditional competitor that relies entirely on caffeine for a stimulating effect. The brand now powers the energy drink version of the premium C4 Ultimate with the high-powered combination of the caffeine-free stimulants TeaCrine and Dynamine, both of them well-studied and shown to improve energy, focus, and endurance, and they’re alongside a potent 300mg of caffeine.

The more stimulant-centric formula was, again, debuted at this year’s Arnold Sports Festival, where fans could get free full-size, 16oz cans of the new C4 Ultimate Energy Drink and experience its tri-stim blend of TeaCrine, Dynamine, and caffeine. The update is rolling out to market shortly and will be spread across all of the flavors of the beverage, such as Arctic Snow Cone, Orange Cream, and the WWE collaborations Berry Powerbomb and Ruthless Raspberry, all maintaining their nutrition of no sugar and zero calories.