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FitCrunch Protein Bar rolls together layers of rich chocolate and a soft brownie center

Chocolate Brownie Fit Crunch Protein Bar

In the world of protein-packed snacks, FitCrunch has come in and once again expanded the menu of its popular protein bar with Chocolate Brownie. The new addition is an all-out chocolate experience, offering a decadent brownie treat featuring multiple layers of rich chocolate. That is all alongside the usual macros of the brand’s signature product with 16g of protein primarily from quality whey, an equal 16g of carbohydrates with just 4g of that sugar, 11g of fat, and a reasonable calorie count of 210.

As mentioned, the Chocolate Brownie FitCrunch Protein Bar combines that 16g of protein and 210 calories with varying chocolate flavors, including a decadent soft brownie center. The brand has always done a great job delivering on taste and texture in its many different flavors, and with nothing but chocolate involved in this one, we’re confident it’ll be a hit with chocolate lovers. You can already get FitCrunch’s Chocolate Brownie through its website exclusively in the product’s smaller 46g size.