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Danish brand Cult does an incredible job standing out in the crowded energy drink space

Cult Energy Drink

In our annual travels to various markets around the world, we stumbled across an energy drink that has been on the market for an incredible amount of time and has undergone several visual changes over the years. Its most recent look immediately got our attention with the help of its presence in a major supermarket. We snatched it up and threw it down straight away to find that it doesn’t just look good; the product has an equally enjoyable taste to match the slick branding.

Cult Energy Drink actually has quite an interesting origin story, coming from Denmark, and can now be found in Sweden, Norway, and, of course, its home country. The beverage was actually started by nightclub worker Brian Sørensen, who felt people needed to party harder and longer. What better way to encourage people to do that than to offer them a delicious energy drink currently available in Original, Sugar Free, Flaming Mangos, and the Sprite-like Miami Ice.

Cult Energy Drink

Some flavors are sugar-free and low in calories, and some not; for example, the Original Cult Energy packs an eye-watering 55g of carbohydrates in its 500ml can, all of that sugar, leading to 230 calories, whereas Sugar Free has no sugar and 10 calories a can. As for the main ingredients, the beverage has the usual suspects like guarana, B vitamins, carnitine, taurine, inositol, glucuronolactone, and for uplifting energy, caffeine, at a 160mg in the 500ml size and an even 100mg in the 330ml.

The look, feel, and overall vibe Cult Energy Drink puts out there is incredibly appealing, especially on shelves in the markets it’s sold, as it has no trouble standing out. More impressively, inside the can is an experience you won’t be disappointed in as the sugarless Miami Ice we experienced is incredibly on point. We did try some of the others, but the accuracy of this against the classic lemonade Sprite is too good not to make it the Cult Energy Drink we emphasize trying.