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Darkside returns to Australia with a completely new pre-workout named Yakuza

Darkside Yakuza Pre Workout

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from the reputable and reliable sports nutrition brand Darkside, but all of that is about to change and it has some heat coming down under in Australia. The company has been hard at work behind the scenes cooking up some all-new supplements, including the one we have in the spotlight right there in Darkside Yakuza. It is the newest pre-workout from the brand, and it is a pretty well-rounded formula, especially for the heavily restricted Australian market.

Darkside is meant to be rolling out its Yakuza pre-workout to stores and stockists around this week and next week, and it’ll be one well worth picking up if you’re looking for a robust competitor that covers all of the core effects. The brand has packed Yakuza with a fair amount of pump and performance support, throwing down 4g of straight citrulline, not citrulline malate, electrolytes, vitamins, and classic dosages of beta-alanine and betaine at 3.2g and 2.5g, respectively.

Darkside Yakuza Label

On the other side of the coin, you have all of the ingredients driving the energy and focus in Darkside’s Yakuza pre-workout, and there is plenty there to do that. The long-running brand has called on huperzine, synephrine, mango leaf extract, green tea, alpha-GPC at a sizeable 600mg, a gram of tyrosine, and 250mg of juglans regia. Caffeine is in there, too, at a strong 350mg a serving, and with all of those other sensory enhancers in the mix, the Yakuza pre-workout should hit home, even more so with fans who already know and trust the company.

As mentioned, Darkside is rolling out its all-new Yakuza pre-workout this week in its major market of Australia, so be on the lookout for it at specialty retailers, mostly those that carry or have carried the brand’s past releases. The branding of the supplement will make it hard to miss, although that has always been the case with prominent drops from Darkside, and you can look for Yakuza in the one Raspberry Lemonade flavor with a little more than the common 20 servings a tub at 25 maximum or 50 regular servings.