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Ekkovision continues Dethroner’s legacy in the third version of the powerhouse pre-workout

Ekkovision Dethroner 3

Ekkovision has taken the covers off the long-awaited return of the supplement that originally put it on the map in the absolutely loaded, supremely premium, and kitchen sink-style pre-workout, Dethroner. After the second iteration of the product, the brand decided to discontinue it and focus primarily on ambassador-driven competitors for the category, like Optismal and Satori. For its third year of business, Ekkovision has decided to bring back Dethroner with a refreshed formula.

The third coming of Ekkovision’s powerhouse Dethroner pre-workout is expected to arrive around the middle of next month, the same launch timeframe as its promising energy drink. To get even more excitement and anticipation going for the supplement, the brand has shared the ingredients and dosages we’ll be getting in this one, and it does not disappoint. Since the original, Dethroner has been the pre-workout that squeezes in absolutely everything, and that has not changed.

Ekkovision Dethroner 3 Label

Jammed into a two-scoop serving of Ekkovision’s 2024 Dethroner or Dethroner 3.0, whatever you want to call it, is an eye-watering 34g of active ingredients, and that is no small total, especially since creatine and carbohydrates do not contribute to the combination. The supplement has you covered on pumps, performance, energy, and focus, with 3g of taurine and the ever-present beta-alanine taking care of the performance potion at 4g, as well as a pink Himalayan salt and quality CocOrganic coconut water as a source of electrolytes.

Ekkovion’s all-new Dethroner is most impressive in the area of enhancing muscle pumps with a huge 10g of straight citrulline, a flat one gram of VasoDrive, 5g of BetaPower betaine, a favorite ingredient and dose of ours, and to really put it over the top, a combined 4g of NO3-T nitrates: half arginine nitrate and the other half betaine nitrate.

Rounding out Ekkovision’s return of Dethroner is a host of energy and focus components, ensuring you get improved performance, powerful pumps, and enhanced energy and focus. Responsible for those sensory benefits is 300mg of theobromine, 600mg of alpha-GPC, 100mg of synephrine, 300mg of NutriCog, a hefty 3g of tyrosine, the premium and proven cognition-increaser Cognizin at its full and effective 250mg, and lastly, two sources of caffeine in anhydrous and Infinergy, combining to provide 400mg.

The first and second versions of the Dethroner pre-workout were ridiculously loaded, featuring over ten premium ingredients, a trend that continues into the 2024 iteration at 12, and that is alongside the many other non-branded and still very impressive components like that 10g of citrulline and 4g of beta-alanine. Once again, Ekkovision is looking to bring back and relaunch its reputable pre-workout in the middle of next month on Monday, the 15th of April, through its online store at