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Pre-workout specialist Ekkovision juices up its stim-free competitor for Satori 4.0

Ekkovision Satori 4

Ekkovision has become a pre-workout specialist; despite adding other types of supplements to its arsenal, including a protein powder and some incredibly well-priced creatine, pre-workout has remained the category it puts the most effort into. The reason behind its various products in the space is that it partners with each of its ambassadors to create different competitors, and each of them has its own balance of benefits, crafted and selected by the collaborator.

One of Ekkovision’s more long-running pre-workouts is Satori, and that is about to undergo a transformation as it becomes version number four in Satori 4.0. The brand has made plenty of tweaks and changes to justify the difference in name, and the end result is one loaded supplement. The pre-workout isn’t without its removals, where Satori 4.0 drops several components, such as GABA, the S7 pump blend, Senactiv, HydroPrime glycerol, and AstraGin.

As big as those losses are, especially the ever-present AstraGin and one of our favorite performance-enhancers and muscle-builders in Senactiv, Ekkovision has added a whole lot to the supplement, resulting in the comprehensive formula you can see below. The list of additions and increases in the sequel Satori 4.0 are double the tyrosine and taurine to 2g each, double the betaine to a hefty 5g, and added theobromine, Zynamite, NutriCog, DMAE, CitraPeak, and Albion minerals, most of those clearly being to punch up the sensory benefits of energy and focus.

Ekkovision Satori 4 Label

Ekkovision has indeed taken things up a notch for Satori 4.0, and keep in mind, all of those newly added ingredients are alongside the several carried over features from its predecessor. The consistent side of the promising pre-workout, essentially all of those components from the previous iteration, include 400mg of SantEnergy, a solid 600mg of alpha-GPC, 10g of citrulline, VasoDrive and Nitrosigine for pumps, and no caffeine, as has always been the case in Satori.

The completely refreshed, and impressively loaded Satori 4.0, is going live in Ekkovision’s online store at shortly with its original 40 to 20 serving split with 40 regular servings and 20 maximum servings. It’s going to have a variety of flavors from what we know, only one of them confirmed at the moment in a tropical Pineapple, and the price is going to be damn competitive considering what you get at $59.99 or $54.99 after an ambassador coupon.