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Bottled water giant Essentia goes functional in its electrolyte-fueled HydroBoost

Essentia Hydroboost

Essentia is a major player in the world of bottled water, offering its signature ionized alkaline water in a wide variety of sizes and price points, from the small 12oz to the squeeze top 700ml, and then the biggest option in the family, the 1.5 liter. The brand has decided to branch out from its flagship alkaline water and into the area of functional drinks with Essentia HydroBoost, combining still water and a few active ingredients to add extra benefits to the beverage.

Essentia HydroBoost brings together premium still water with B vitamins for energy and a 400mg blend of electrolytes to support hydration. The electrolyte side of the product breaks down to 200mg of sodium, 170mg of potassium, and 30mg of magnesium. The beverage actually makes a callout on its bottle saying “30x Electrolytes”, which is specifically a multiplier against the electrolytes you get in traditional still water not a comparison to other electrolyte-powered drinks.

There are three flavors for Essentia HydroBoost, two of them fairly classic in Lemon Lime and Peach Mango, while the third is a little less common in Raspberry Pomegranate. They all have that same selection of B vitamins and electrolytes for hydration and performance, and there is some nutrition to it all as they have 30 calories in a 15.2oz bottle. Availability of HydroBoost will be widespread, going out to retailers nationwide at $1.99 for a single and $21.48 for a 12 pack.

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