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Ekkovision finalizes the can design of its highly-anticipated TikTok-exclusive energy drink

First Look At Ekkovision Energy Drink

Ekkovision has shared the finished look of its long-awaited entry into the world of caffeinated beverages with the simply named Ekkovision Energy Drink. You can get a stylized preview of the product in the image above, showing off the can design that surprisingly keeps things rather simple and centered around the brand itself. The majority of the branding is made up of Ekkovision’s own name and its circular icon, then there is a straightforward flavor call out, and the can is covered in a color to match the taste.

Ekkovision has confirmed the official names for the four different flavors the Ekkovision Energy Drink is making its debut in, and they are Strawberry Lemonade, another strawberry recipe in Strawberry Cream, Orange Cream, and a classic BlueRazz Berry. Each of those tastes has been crafted and developed in partnership with one of the brand’s premier influencers and ambassadors, similar to most of its pre-workouts, and in the case of BlueRazz Berry, the formula is a bit different, with no caffeine whatsoever.

As far as we know, all of the other flavors of the Ekkovision Energy Drink, those outside of BlueRazz Berry, have caffeine in them, and it’s right around a few other caffeinated beverages from supplement companies at 200mg a can. The young, growing, and ever-expanding brand is still planning to launch its first-ever beverage somewhere around the middle of next month, and you won’t be seeing this anywhere convenient like a specialty store or retailer, as it is only going to be available in the TikTok Shop.

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