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GAAM employs the mystery flavor technique in the latest extension of its energy drink

Flavor Unknown Gaam Energy Drink

An intriguing technique we’ve seen employed by several brands over the years is the always interesting and attractive mystery flavor. This is where companies make a flavor for a supplement, protein snack, or energy drink, and simply name it “Mystery”, giving no indication of what it actually tastes like. As mentioned, it’s incredibly alluring and certainly gets our attention every time we see it in action, and it is indeed being put to use this month by way of GAAM Nutrition in Sweden.

The house brand from Proteinbolaget has created a mysterious new flavor for its signature GAAM Energy Drink, and as mentioned, it employs that intriguing mystery technique with a taste named Flavor Unknown. GAAM Nutrition is leaving it up to fans to find out and figure out what the Flavor Unknown GAAM Energy tastes like, featuring all of the beverage’s usual ingredients, including a variety of vitamins and minerals, an energizing 180mg of caffeine, and only a single calorie.

Fans can get their hands on the mysterious and limited-time Unknown Flavor GAAM Energy Drink through Proteinbolaget’s online store in individual cans, cases, and bulk bundles, and to add to the mystery, the packaging of the product is very vague, with no color at all.