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Gorilla Mind names the flavors for its 2024 Gorilla Mode less than 24 hours from its release

Flavors Of Gorilla Mode 2024

Tomorrow is the day for Gorilla Mind, where it is launching the all-new version of its reputable stimulant-backed pre-workout Gorilla Mode after putting a lot of effort into teasing the supplement as well as boasting that it has been in the making for an extensive two years. The brand did come out and confirm the dosages that are in the product but not the actual ingredients, and we did take the opportunity to take our guesses as to what they could be, such as 10g of pure citrulline and 4g of beta-alanine.

Regardless of how close we are with our guesses, less than 24 hours away from the debut of the long-awaited sequel to the Gorilla Mode pre-workout, Gorilla Mind has come out and announced what flavors are going to be available on that debut. None of the tastes are completely new; they’re all from the previous iteration of the supplement, giving longtime fans of the brand and the signature pre-workout some familiarity with Orange Rush, Cherry Blackout, Blackberry Lemonade, Fruit Punch, and Grape Cotton Candy.