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G Fuel makes a unique new shaker bottle that has color dripping down the sides

G Fuel Drip Shaker

Shaker bottles are always a fun way to spice things up for a brand and offer something different, whether it be a classic shape and size with a special edition design for an occasion, or a unique build like one with compartments or an alternative feature. Gaming supplement giant G Fuel has certainly put together its fair share of shaker bottles over the years, pumping out some extremely intriguing creations, especially those that it produces for its authentic collaborations where the design and colors match that of the partnership.

G Fuel has come out with a completely new shaker bottle for fans this week, and despite this not being attached to any specific product or collaboration, it’s a damn interesting effort. The product is called the Pastel Drip Shaker, as it is covered in pastel colors from print to lid, and around the lip of the cup, stuck to the outside, is dripping pastel pink paint. It’s certainly an eye-catching piece, very different from your traditional single color and logo print shaker, and through, you can purchase it at a reasonable $9.99 each.

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