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Revamped Gorilla Mode pre-workout promises better pumps and stronger focus

Gorilla Mode 2024

The long-awaited sequel to Gorilla Mind’s Gorilla Mode pre-workout is here, and we did manage to guess a lot of the ingredients and dosages the reputable brand has packed into this one, all for the purpose of a significantly better experience before and while in the gym. A lot of the components that drove the original have been carried over to the sequel, many changing up the dosages, but there are a few features that are no longer involved as well as have been added.

We’ve got the facts panel for Gorilla Mind’s 2024 edition of the pre-workout Gorilla Mode for you directly below, and keep in mind that this is the first time it’s been revamped since it made its debut about half a decade ago. Firstly, we’ll go over the ingredients that have been dropped, and that includes eria jarensis, sceletium tortuosum better known as Kanna, and the pump-powering but European-prohibited component agmatine sulfate originally at a gram.

As mentioned, Gorilla Mind has added more than it’s removed, sticking with the primary goal of providing a comprehensive pre-workout that supports intense energy, a stronger focus effect, improves performance, and takes pumps even further. On the pump and performance side, the refreshed Gorilla Mode pre-workout comes in with a full 5g dose of creatine monohydrate, a huge 10g of citrulline, straight citrulline, 4g of HydroPrime glycerol, switching its predecessor’s GlycerPump, and juicing up the betaine by 60% from the usual 2.5g all the way through to 4g.

Gorilla Mode 2024 Label

Gorilla Mind’s Gorilla Mode sequel has just as much in it to increase and enhance energy and focus, as it does pumps and performance, with focus actually being an area that has been highlighted as receiving extra attention. In that area there is a giant and we genuinely meant giant 5g dose of tyrosine, which you will rarely see anywhere above 2 or 3g, the newly added alpha-GPC also at a sizeable 800mg, half the huperzine at 200mcg, and a strong 400mg of caffeine.

The Gorilla Mode pre-workout has been described as a more refined and evolved version of the original, and looking at the formula, that does very much appear to be the case. It has elevated a few ingredients to match the equally elevated competitiveness of the category and furthered some areas of the product it felt needed the effort like focus and pumps, and more caffeine for energy. Fans can get the revamped pre-workout starting today at for the same price as the original at $49.99 for a tub of 20 maximum servings with five flavors to choose from.