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HD Muscle crafts the premium multivitamin you’d expect from the reputable brand

Hd Muscle Multihd

HD Muscle is known for its powerhouse formulations, and that has been the case right from the beginning, especially in the highly competitive world of pre-workouts. The reputable Canadian brand has carried that approach across into many other areas of sports nutrition, including protein powder and weight loss to more specific spaces such as kidney, liver, and gut health. This month, it has gone into a category you would have thought it already had something for in the multivitamin MultiHD.

MultiHD is what you’d expect from a brand that tends to give you everything you need and then some, combined with the concept of a multivitamin, designed to be used daily to fulfill all of your micronutrient needs and sometimes support other departments of health and wellness. HD Muscle has crafted a direct, straight-to-the-point competitor that focuses entirely on providing a comprehensive selection of vitamins and minerals, and it has ensured the best sources where possible.

Hd Muscle Multihd Label

We’ve got the complete facts panel for HD Muscle’s MultiHD in the image above, listing off everything from vitamins A, C, and D down to potassium, boron, and copper. As mentioned, the brand has opted for quality sources where possible, including methylated B vitamins, MenaQ7 vitamin K2, and premium Albion chelated minerals. It does the job of taking care of all of your vitamin and mineral needs for better immune health, muscle function, performance, energy production, and metabolism.

HD Muscle’s well-put-together multivitamin MultiHD is certainly one of your more advanced, strictly vitamin and mineral supplements out there, but that approach does come at a price. Some of the most basic competitors in the essential category sit anywhere from 10 to $20, and some get even higher up in the realm of 30 to $40. MultiHD comes in at $44.99 for a full-size bottle, and that bottle will last you a typical month with a total of 30 servings, although again it’s a solid formula.