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I-Prevail makes a small change to its reputable T2 Sweat by swapping in alpha yohimbine

I Prevail Updated T2 Sweat

I-Prevail Supplements, the sports nutrition brand from ex-bodybuilder Jason Arntz, has a great reputation in the world of weight loss thanks to its long-running, caffeine-free competitor, T2 Sweat. The product has been on the market for some time and has become a go-to for many of the brand’s fans for its ability to indeed enhance thermogenesis and really make you sweat, and improve overall fat loss. The latest news surrounding I-Prevail is that it is tweaking T2 Sweat a bit to create the sequel T2 Sweat 2.0.

The changes I-Prevail Supplements is making to its fat-burning T2 Sweat to transition it from the original to 2.0 is very little; in fact, everything is exactly the same except for one ingredient, which has been removed, but something has been swapped back in, and taken its place. You still get 1.2g of acetyl-l-carnitine, 50mg of grains of paradise, 4mg each of black pepper and cayenne pepper, 150mcg of 3-5 diiodo thyronine, but instead of 3-3 diiodo, there is now a potent 2mg of stimulating alpha yohimbine.

It is indeed a small change compared to how much I-Prevail Supplements has kept the same for its sequel weight loss product, T2 Sweat 2.0. In saying that, alpha yohimbine is a strong stimulant, and the brand has not included it in a small amount, so look forward to a bit of extra energy alongside the additional fat-burning support it offers. I-Prevail is launching its revamped T2 Sweat direct on the first day of next month at $54.99 in two fresh and fiery-sounding flavors with Pink Lemonade and Caribbean Fire.