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InnovaPharm gets in on the pump pill game with its Nitrosigine-powered Poppa Pump

Innovapharm Poppa Pump

Alongside the subcategory of pump pre-workouts, another similarly minded space has emerged over the past few years where you get a supplement built to be taken before your workout to elevate pumps, similar to the flavored pump pre-workouts, but these are in capsules. Purus Labs’ Noxygen was one of the earliest and most popular, but we’ve seen many more since then, like AstroFlav’s A-Pump, EVL’s PumpMode, Apollon’s Bloody Hell, Glaxon’s Plasm Caps, and now InnovaPharm’s Poppa Pump.

Poppa Pump is a stimulant-free and very stackable capsule supplement that you take before hitting a workout to elevate muscle pumps and, in turn, improve performance and muscle building. It is another premium, advanced outing from InnovaPharm so it does come at a premium price. Over at, where the brand’s many other new products are rolling out, Poppa Pump is becoming available at $49.99, similar to the MVPre pre-workouts, which, again, it can be used alongside.

Innovapharm Poppa Pump Label

As for the all-important ingredients powering InnovaPharm Poppa Pump, you don’t get the common citrulline, glycerol, or betaine, none of the heavier features as this is a capsule supplement, and that inherently means less room per serving as opposed to a bulk scoop of powder. Being the brand that it is, InnovaPharm has still squeezed in plenty of components to get the job done, and on this occasion, that job is, as mentioned, enhancing blood flow and nitric oxide production for stronger pumps in the gym.

There are six main ingredients backing InnovaPharm Poppa Pump; half of them are on the premium side of things, with Nitrosigine at its effective 1.5g dose per serving, VasoDrive at 255mg, and 200mcg of Hemo-Growth, a growth-peptide containing peptide for muscle growth, performance, and recovery. Alongside that lot is the other half with electrolyte source, pink Himalayan salt at half a gram, another half a gram of red radish extract, and 400mg of Korean red ginseng, all jammed into a five-capsule serving.