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InnovaPharm set to make some noise with the drop of seven all-new products on Monday

Innovapharm Seven All New Supplements

Since the start of the year, the reputable InnovaPharm has been much busier than we typically see but also much busier than most others in the sports nutrition space. We got the debut of the premium creatine supplement Heavy Duty and the more daily-use style pre-workout MVPre 360. That is plenty to be excited about and keep fans entertained, although apparently, the team at InnovaPharm is far from done, and next week, it is planning to drop a bomb on the industry.

In precisely four days, on Monday of next week, InnovaPharm is launching not one or two, or even three or four, not even five or six completely new products. At the beginning of next week, the carefully formulated company is coming out with seven different supplements some of which it’s shared sneak peeks of. Among that enormous number of drops will be the nootropic Novatropic, the testosterone booster Test XL, and the Nitrosigine-backed pump pill Poppa Pump.

Basically, InnovaPharm has been busy with Heavy Duty and MVPre 360; however, that was only the tip of the iceberg. The pump-powering Poppa Pump, testosterone-boosting Test XL, and focus-enhancing Novatropic will all be rolling out next week alongside four other completely new supplements, and they will undoubtedly make a mountain of noise. It’s not often you get a few releases around one another, let alone seven at one time, and from the reputable InnovaPharm, no less.