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Thyroid-specific fat burner Thyrox brings together KSM-66, Albion, TRAACS and more

Innovapharm Thyrox

Thyrox is one of the many completely new supplement innovations from the team at InnovaPharm, and it is specifically built to improve, enhance, and support thyroid health. Optimization in that part of the body’s functionality can lead to better results in many areas, such as energy, metabolism, and weight loss. There are also ingredients in Thyrox to improve cognition, mood, stress, and performance, making for a rather unique and intriguing weight loss category competitor.

To deliver on its distinct blend of benefits, InnovaPharm’s Thyrox features premium KSM-66 ashwagandha, known to support many aspects of day-to-day life and sports nutrition, but in this case, it’s there to improve thyroid and adrenal function, as well as support muscle building and fat loss. The brand has included the multi-study-backed KSM-66 at its full and effective 600mg dose, alongside a high-quality set of vitamins by way of Albion and TRAACS superior absorption minerals.

Innovapharm Thyrox Label

InnovaPharm’s formula powering Thyrox also has a handful of other reliable components for the purpose of improving thyroid function, weight management, and more with 200mg of ginseng, 600mg of myo-inositol, and half a gram each of olive leaf, rhodiola, and the known focus agent, tyrosine. The unique goals of Thyrox are clearly backed by an equally diverse set of ingredients that have been very much purposely picked for the select goals of the supplement.

The cost of Thyrox directly through InnovaPharm’s online store is $44.99, and that’ll get you a bottle of 30 servings, enough to supply you for a typical month. Due to the product’s versatile set of ingredients, it has next-to-no crossover with other fat burners from the brand, meaning fans are free to stack this with them and combine those common energy, focus, and thermogenic effects. That includes use with InnovaPharm’s own NovaBurn, whether that be stimulant or stimulant-free.