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Lemme makes a nutrient-dense beverage in partnership and solid exclusively at Erewhon

Lemme Juice

Kourtney Kardashian’s functional gummy brand Lemme has extensively expanded out from its original set of edible lifestyle supplements, now offering products for all sorts of areas of health, wellness, and wellbeing. The growing and always well-presented brand recently came out with a melatonin-powered sleep product, which has just been followed by something very different, not just in terms of ingredients and benefits but regarding its alternative format.

Lemme Juice is the latest innovation from the company, which is indeed a juice, that has been put together in partnership with the organic food retailer Erewhon, and that is exclusively where the beverage is sold. The product is called a juice but is closer to a smoothie, made with a whole host of health-focused vegan-friendly ingredients, including pitaya, blue spirulina, maple syrup, lavender, probiotics for gut health, sea moss, coconut milk, and almond milk.

Once again, the all-new nutrient-dense Lemme Juice is available exclusively from Erewhon in California, where the supermarket has ten different locations in the likes of Studio City, Santa Monica, Pasadena, Venice, and Pacific Palisades.

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