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Liquid Death is releasing its signature canned water in a more familiar 12oz soda can

Liquid Death 12oz

The canned water company Liquid Death has long been known for the giant size its signature Mountain Water and Flavored Sparkling Water is available in, as it’s not exactly the classic 16oz can. There are two volumes from the incredibly unique and hugely successful beverage brand, including that signature, extra tall 19.2oz, and the other is a close-to-traditional 16.9oz. An all-new option has now been announced and is coming soon to the Liquid Death lineup that goes even lower.

For Liquid Death drinkers who may not have wanted to walk around with the supremely tall 19.2oz or the slightly smaller, although still large 16.9oz, a soda can-sized 12oz is on the horizon. The more familiar option for the canned water is coming to both of the brand’s flagship beverages in Mountain Water and Flavored Sparkling. We’re not sure if it’ll be available for all of its Sparkling flavors, but at least two have been confirmed so far in Severed Lime and Mango Chainsaw.

The third size of Liquid Death’s Mountain Water and Flavored Sparkling Water is going to be out and available on shelves and in stores at the later end of spring, which we’re currently in, so expect to see it in four to eight weeks, somewhere during the month of May.

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