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Taiwan’s Mars downsizes its Marscle protein powder into a half-kilogram bag

Mars Smaller 500g Marscle

Nutrition specialist Mars in Taiwan and Hong Kong has released a new size of its cheekily named protein powder Marscle, which is its most basic competitor in the category, relying entirely on whey concentrate to provide its protein. The supplement comes with around 20g of protein in a 30g serving, and even though that isn’t as high as the traditional 25g, the carbohydrates still manage to get up there for the brand, as much as 6.6g with the fat hovering a bit above a gram and the calories around 115 to 123.

The new size Mars has revealed and released for its Marscle protein powder is not going to save fans any money; it is mostly for convenience or for those who may want to try out one of the flavors from the minimized menu. Joining the supplement’s original 900g and 2kg sizes is a much smaller 500g or half-a-kilogram. It’s essentially a trial size, travel edition, or whatever you want to say; it’s a lighter option that could be a nice introduction to Marscle for newcomers or a way to sample one of the three flavors it has.

The other sizes of Mars’ Marscle protein powder are available in eight different tastes, many of them intriguing options too, such as Creme Caramel, Strawberry Cheese, and Matcha Au Lait. The half-kilogram size of the product comes in a few classic Marscle flavors with Original or unflavored, Chocolate and English Milk Tea. Like almost every smaller alternative, this one doesn’t save you any money compared to the 900g and 2kg, working out to be 10% more expensive than the former and 35% over the latter.

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