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Muscle Sport fills its all-new Carrot Cake protein powder with marbled chocolate curls

Muscle Sport Carrot Cake Lean Whey

One of the things Muscle Sport is most known for is its incredibly on-point and intriguing flavor innovations, many of them coming by way of its signature protein powder, Lean Whey. It was one of the first that we know of to do some genuinely interesting inclusions with the original Lean Charms Lean Whey, packed full of sweet and crunchy cereal pieces. It has been non-stop from the sports nutrition company since the debut of Lean Charms several years ago, and it continues this week with another Lean Whey creation.

Launching exactly one week from today is a smooth and authentic Carrot Cake Lean Whey, inspired by the traditional treat of the same name but turned into a clean and nutritious protein powder. To add to the taste experience, the brand has thrown in marbled chocolate curls for a sweet chocolate taste. You still get all of Lean Whey’s typically great macros at 25g of protein per serving, 5g of carbohydrates, just 2g of that sugar, 2g of fat, and 130 calories, plus the weight management blend of Fibersol-2, MCTs, carnitine, and CLA.

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