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Mutant brings its unmissable illustration-driven rebrand to this year’s Arnold Expo

Mutant Rebrand

Mutant has been teasing a significant rebrand and revamp for its selection of sports nutrition products, and at this year’s Arnold Sports Festival, it has officially unveiled and introduced all of it, and it is extensive. You can get a glimpse of the look for yourself in the image above and below, and while it is drastically different from the previous one, it is equally intense and hardcore. The brand has done a great job at switching things up and refreshing its appearance, all while staying true to its original approach and vibe.

Mutant has not rebranded half of its catalog and plans to spread it across to the rest; it has completely rebranded everything it has available and brought it all to the Arnold Sports Festival. That includes an updated Creakong, the amino cocktail gEAAr, the protein powder Mutant Whey, the potent pre-workout Mutant Madness, and the brand’s signature mass gainer, Mutant Mass. There are also several entirely new innovations that are being rolled out with the makeover, putting the brand in the superfood and nootropic categories.

Mutant Rebrand

There has been a lot of hype and excitement put behind the Mutant rebrand, and it definitely seems justified seeing it up close and in person. The internationally available company has moved to a more illustration-driven design, where you get a different stylized character dominating the cover of each supplement with spot gloss print in the background and grungy details scattered about. It’s definitely going to pop on shelves, but again, it keeps within the look and feel of Mutant and continues all of its signature notable product names, making for a smooth transition on the fan side of things.