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Myprotein puts ten different flavors of its almost 5-year-old Clear Protein into a variety pack

Myprotein Clear Protein Variety Bundle

Clear protein has become a massive trend in North America over the last year or so, but over in Europe, brands have been making competitors for the protein powder subcategory for around half a decade, and they’ve developed numerous flavors and evolved the concept into other areas. Myprotein has arguably been one of the pioneers, making more flavors than we can ever remember for its original Clear Whey Isolate, and it’s done several other clear-style items like a plant protein, meal replacement, and even a gainer.

If you haven’t experienced Clear Whey Isolate or Clear Whey Protein as it’s currently named, Myprotein has put together a variety pack of ten different flavors. This is one of the earliest supplements that helped lead into the clear trend, which has several powerhouse competitors in it at the moment, including NutraBio’s Clear Whey Protein, which leads the way in the US, and in Europe, there is Body Science’s incomparable Clear Whey.

The price of Myprotein’s Clear Protein Variety Pack is pretty impressive, especially since it’s discounted down from its usual £19.99 to £10.99, working out to almost £1 a serving. Each of the flavors comes in a single-serving sachet with all of the usual clean macros and hydrolyzed whey isolate as the one and only source of protein. As for the flavors, it will be a mix of Orange Mango, Peach Tea, Cranberry Raspberry, Strawberry Kiwi, Watermelon, Pineapple, Apple, Mojito, Grape, Bitter Lemon, Tropical Dragonfruit, or Orange.

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