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Naked combines oats, protein and flavor for a convenient functional extension of its family

Naked Nutrition Naked Oats

The typically stripped-down and straightforward nutrition competitor Naked Nutrition has an innovation for fans to add to their shopping list next time they make their purchase, and it is something many people already consume. Naked Oats is the latest effort out of the brand, which is a functional take on classic food; where Naked has brought together clean and wholesome, gluten-free rolled oats and combined them with extra protein and a bit of flavor for essentially a better oats product.

Naked Nutrition’s Naked Oats has 32g of carbohydrates in a 64g serving, alongside 20g of protein, and obviously, being a bulk food, you can serve it to your preferred amount, whether that means adding another half or doubling up for 64g of carbohydrates and 40g of protein. The carbs are primarily from the gluten-free rolled oats, as you could gather from the name, and the protein is mostly from traditional whey concentrate with chia seed protein in there, too, as the secondary source.

Naked Oats has debuted in three different flavors, most of them are fairly typical breakfasty experiences with Cinnamon Roll and Green Apple Cinnamon, then you have the least traditional morning combination, although still somewhat in the area in Chocolate Peanut butter Banana. You can grab any or all of those directly from Naked Nutrition’s online store at $29.99 for a 1.7lb tub, which works out to 12 servings at that 64g amount, although again, you can divide it up to suit your dietary needs.