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Ninja pairs its superfood debut with a robust hybrid multivitamin and joint supplement

Ninja Immortal

Alongside Ninja Guardian, in its fast-paced and eye-catching booth at the Arnold Sports Festival, the reputable brand in black and red has introduced a second health and wellness supplement that is also in flavored powder format. Ninja Immortal is the other half essentially to Ninja’s fresh new daily health stack, where Guardian is a reliable source of superfoods, digestion, gut health, and much more, then Immortal is an essential every multivitamin with its own selection of added benefits not traditionally found in a multi.

Ninja Immortal is indeed a multivitamin at its core, and it has a whole host of vitamins and minerals, from vitamins A, C, D, and K through to the likes of magnesium, chromium, selenium, and zinc. Further down the label of the supplement, Ninja has stacked the product with an equally strong collection of ingredients to support and improve joint health. That side of Immortal includes robust dosages of common components like 1.5g each of MSM and glucosamine, 1.2g of chondroitin, 5g of bovine collagen peptides, 200mg of turmeric, and 45mg of hyaluronic acid, again, all in the form of a flavored powder supplement.

Ninja Immortal Label

Like Ninja Guardian, Ninja Immortal has been brought to Columbus, Ohio, for the 2024 edition of the Arnold Sports Festival and debuted online through its own website for a bit under Immortal at $49.99 for a bottle of 30 servings to get you through a typical month. To make the advanced multivitamin and joint supplement more of a set and stack with Ninja’s superfood competitor, Ninja Immortal has launched in all of the same flavors with Berry Blast,┬áCitrus Splash, and Mango Crush, all of them impressively flavored.