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Testosterone boosting TestroVax gets a maximum strength spin-off powered by Tesnor

Novex Biotech Testrovax Max

Novex BioTech is a health and wellness company that somewhat specializes in testosterone-boosting and muscle-building supplements, such as TestroVax and GF-9. It also has a few other items in its catalog from the sports nutrition world, including a fat burner and pre-workout. The popular brand has a new testosterone booster out this month, which is actually a spin-off or advanced alternative to the regular TestroVax with TestroVax Max, featuring a similarly minded but separate set of ingredients.

TestroVax Max from Novex BioTech is built specifically to increase and enhance testosterone production to in turn, support a host of convenient benefits that are typically promoted for this sort of supplement. The Max edition of TestroVax aims to noticeably increase strength, muscle recovery as well as muscle building, performance, vitality, and energy production. Again, that’s a promising set of effects, which are relatively common in highly effective testosterone-boosting products.

Novex Biotech Testrovax Max Label

Novex BioTech’s TestroVax Max doesn’t feature many of the ingredients in the original, like resveratrol, arginine, and the one that took up most of the serving size in TestroVax with d-aspartic acid. Filling out the two-capsule serving of the maxed-out iteration is a blend of vitamins and minerals, including 2mg of zinc and a proprietary blend tipping the scales at 940mg, and made up of the theobromine and pomegranate blend Tesnor, clinically shown to naturally increase testosterone, the multi-benefit ashwagandha, and two classic ingredients in the category, longjack and tribulus.

TestroVax Max is certainly considered a more premium competitor in the testosterone-boosting category with its Tesnor and ashwagandha-powered formula. The price Novex BioTech has given the supplement reflects this idea, too, as directly through its online store, TestroVax is $69 for a bottle of 30 servings to last the usual month. TestroVax Max bumps that cost up by $20 to a premium $89 for the same size of a 30, two-capsule serving bottle, and there is the brand’s usual 20% off for subscriptions.