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Silence joins the NutriFitt family to maximize sleep and overnight recovery

Nutrfitt Silence

NutriFitt is known for putting together solid formulas, most of which have been for popular sports nutrition categories like pre-workout, pump pre-workout, amino, weight loss, and even protein powder, although there is less room in that to differentiate. This month, it is branching out into a less common space, albeit one of our favorite types of products due to the opportunity to maximize muscle recovery, and that category is sleep with NutriFitt Silence.

The all-new Silence from NutrFitt continues that approach seen in its other sports nutrition supplements, where you get a complete blend of reliable and effective ingredients; however, here, the goal isn’t to enhance energy or improve performance. The brand packs over ten different ingredients into its sleep aid, and it has all of the usual suspects, minus melatonin, which is favored by many but also avoided by some, and Silence’s exclusion makes it available for both.

Nutrifitt Labs Silence Label

NutriFitt Silence has hefty dosages of glycine and GABA at 3g and one gram, respectively, with a few other reliable components like 300mg of theanine, a gram of magnesium biglycinate, 100mg of 5-HTP, and 25mg of the relaxing and calming KannaEase kanna. There are a few other premium ingredients in there alongside KannaEase with the likes of InoZyn passion flower, ZenHa ashwagandha standardized to the usual 5% withanolides, and, of course, AstraGin at 25mg a serving to maximize absorption and ensure you get the most of the formula.

Anyone interested in elevating their sleep game that can, in turn, lead to enhanced muscle recovery and repair, and better performance from the recovery, can pick up NutriFitt Silence directly from Through there, you’ll pay $44.99 for a tub of 21 servings, enough to get you through a month if only used during the week and off on the weekends, and it is a flavored supplement available in an ideal taste right before you go to bed, with soothing Honey Lemon Tea.