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Panda puts freeze-dried pineapple pieces in its delicious new Pineapple Whip protein powder

Panda Pineapple Whip Fuel Protein

Panda Supplements is expanding its palette of flavors once again, with the latest addition being the tropical and refreshing Pineapple Whip for its flagship protein powder, Fuel Premium Protein. The fresh extension comes with all of the usual highlights of the reliable product but, of course, alongside an intriguing and sweet-sounding pineapple taste. The brand describes Pineapple Whip as a tangy and creamy delight blending tropical pineapple and cream, and it has freeze-dried pineapple pieces in it.

Following the recent introduction of the Cinnamon Toast Cereal and the decadent Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream flavors, Pineapple Whip emerges as something very different and perfectly timed with summer not too far away. The nutrition profile of Panda Supplements’ latest effort is right around the other options available for Fuel Premium Protein, packing 30g of protein a serving, a light 2g of carbohydrates, only a gram each of sugar and fat, plus added enzymes, probiotics, and AstraGin to improve absorption and uptake.