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Introducing the Versa Energy Drink from reputable supplement maker PEScience

Pescience Versa Energy Drink

The number of sports nutrition brands that compete in the world of energy drinks has grown exponentially over the last couple of years, and despite the mammoth amount of entries in that space, the interest from newcomers is not slowing down. The latest debut in the category is from none other than longtime supplement company PEScience, known for its delicious Select Protein Powder, its reliable fat burner Alphamine, and stimulant pre-workout Prolific, and now there is the Versa Energy Drink.

PEScience’s Versa Energy Drink comes in the slim and sleek 12oz can, not the standard 16oz, and it doesn’t go too hard on caffeine either at 125mg, closer to the likes of Chris Bumstead’s BUM Energy than the classic 160mg found in major competitors such as Monster and Rockstar. The reputable supplement brand has also added a bit of an advanced twist to that caffeine content in that it’s 125mg from two separate sources in the usual caffeine anhydrous and the longer-lasting Infinergy di-caffeine malate.

The Versa Energy Drink is already available at several of PEScience’s retail partners and should soon be available online through its website at The product is making its debut in three separate flavors, and none of them are anything overly typical, like raspberry, lemonade, or orange. There is the citrusy three-piece recipe Mandarin Orange Mango, an intriguing Black Raspberry, and the last entry on the menu is White Cherry Slushie, all nutritionally clean and knowing PEScience, deliciously on point.