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Protein Crunchy gives Quamtrax fans the ability to conveniently and deliciously boost protein intake

Quamtrax Protein Crunchy

Sports nutrition and functional food company Quamtrax has put together a fresh and tasty new way to add some extra protein to something like a smoothie, dessert, specific food, or just a traditional protein shake. The product is named Protein Crunchy, and it is a jar of 100s and 1,000s of miniature crispy and crumb-sized pieces that are packed full of protein, and again, can be added to a variety of different things to conveniently and seamlessly boost your daily protein intake.

Quamtrax’s Protein Crunchy is made from chocolate, maltitol, and Glanbia’s premium MPI90 casein, and in a serving of about 50g, you get a substantial 24.5g of protein, 12g of carbohydrates with only 3g of that sugar, a little less than 10g of fat, and a calorie count of 222. The format of tiny, chocolate-covered crispy pieces is what makes this product so versatile; where it can be thrown into a lot of other foods, such as a cookie or a protein shake filled with crunchy protein pieces.

Protein Crunchy is hitting the market in four different flavors or varieties, all of them chocolate-based with classic Milk Chocolate, decadent Dark Chocolate, sweet White Chocolate, and one with two different sorts in Dark and White Chocolate. The functional innovation comes in relatively large 500g jars, which is plenty of servings; for example, if you want to add an extra 10g of protein to your meal or food, you can scoop out 20g, and if that’s your serving, you get 25 from that 500g pot.

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