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Techlete unveils its Ronnie Coleman Signature Training Boots after two years of development

Ronnie Coleman Signature Shoes

One of the most legendary competitors in the sport of bodybuilding, and widely considered the greatest to ever do it, Ronnie Coleman, has a shoe. The ruthless competitor and hardworking athlete has teamed up with the innovative and carefully designed footwear company Techlete to create the Ronnie Coleman Signature Boots. These are designed specifically for training, not just for walking about or the one-off special occasion, and they’ve actually been in the making for some time.

According to Techlete, it has been working with the eight-time Mr. Olympia himself, Ronnie Coleman, for a whole two years to design the Ronnie Coleman Signature Boots. The brand actually used a lot of inspiration and input from Ronnie himself, including how he used to work in black work boots. If you go back and watch over some of his most memorable and popular lifts, including the double 800lb deadlift and 2,300lb leg press for eight, he was indeed wearing high-top work boots.

The build of the shoes looks pretty solid and they’re packed full of features, as you’d expect from Techlete, which seems to pride itself in innovation and details. The Ronnie Coleman Signature Boots have high tops, a dense midsole for superior positioning and feel, TPU heel for better stability, and breathable mesh for quality ventilation. The product has highlights on the comfort side, too, with neoprene pads for ankle protection and lightweight material for the upper portion of the shoes.

Techlete is currently taking tabs on interest in the Ronnie Coleman Signature Boots, where if you head to this specific page here, you can let the brand know you’d be down to buy a pair of the shoes. The footwear maker will also prompt you for your name and email, but not without any reward. If you throw in your details, you’ll be notified when Ronnie Coleman’s workout shoes become available, and you’ll get an exclusive coupon code to discount whatever the price may be by 20%.