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Root Beer previewed and coming soon to the Cognizin-powered Bum Energy Drink

Root Beer Bum Energy Drink

Chris Bumstead and Raw Nutrition’s energy beverage Bum Energy Drink has gradually grown from its original two tastes to a full family of options, giving fans of most flavors and preferences something to choose from. Bum Energy is a rather different competitor in the saturated energy drink space, not only with its advanced formula combining a light 112mg of caffeine and 250mg of premium Cognizin for focus, but it also comes in a soda-style 12oz.

The current menu of the Bum Energy Drink includes Orange Sunrise, Cherry Frost, Citrus Burst, Peach Mango, and the most recent extension, Blue Snow Cone. Despite the last one on that list arriving just one month ago, there is already confirmation of the next addition, which we’re gathering is coming to market sometime soon. Joining those others, later down the line, is a Root Beer Bum Energy Drink, pairing the classic taste with that energy and focus formula.

As far as we know, the Root Beer Bum Energy Drink will also have the beverage’s clean nutrition profile, with absolutely no sugar in that short 12oz can and a calorie count of five. For now, fans will have to make do with the already strong selection of the energy drink, but definitely be on the lookout for Root Beer in the near future in stores and here at Stack3d.