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Rising newcomer RysnFenix makes its third supplement an EAA-based amino cocktail

Rysnfenix Eaa Endure

It wasn’t that long ago that the newcomer RysnFenix had only its pre-workout available in the well-rounded and comprehensive Scorched Earth. We recently posted about and highlighted its second-ever supplement in the nootropic Fenix Focus, also featuring a wide variety of ingredients and reliable dosages, but purely for the purpose of enhancing focus and cognition. In its continued effort to grow and expand, RysnFenix has welcomed yet another entry recently, introducing EAA Endure.

EAA Endure is RysnFenix’s amino cocktail, formulated to power you through your workout and support muscle recovery. The young brand has brought together a typical set of components for this sort of supplement, with all nine EAAs at a combined 10g a serving, the majority of that is BCAAs at 7.1g. There is also added tyrosine in EAA Ensure at a gram to improve focus as well as Aquamin marine-source minerals for hydration and performance, and AstraGin to improve the body’s absorption of the various ingredients.

All in all, RysnFenix keeps to the point and purpose of EAA Endure, bringing together amino acids and electrolytes to help with hydration, performance, and recovery as you sip it throughout your workout. You do only get 20 servings in a single tub, which directly through the brand’s online store will cost you a flat $35. Despite RysnFenix’s young age, it has given its latest supplement plenty of flavors with Pina Colada, Majestic Monk’s Mango, Gracious Gladiator’s Kiwi Guava, and Warlock’s White Peach.