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Skinny Food makes its version of a flapjack snack and it focuses on less sugar

Skinny Food Co Flapjacks

In the United Kingdom, a flapjack is an oat-based snack, and when it comes to the various flapjacks put out into the market by sports nutrition brands, they maintain that strong carbohydrate base and add in a bunch of protein. The Skinny Food Co has revealed and released its own Skinny Flapjack this week, and it does indeed feature that traditional approach being all about oats; however, the functional twist on this one is not an extra high level of protein.

The Skinny Food Co’s Flapjack has been designed as a classic wholesome flapjack snack that is better for you on the sugar side of things. With nutritious oats as the main ingredient, you get 5g of protein, 14g of fat, and 47 to 48g of carbohydrates in an 80g piece, with 14g of that sugar. While the functional food company has aimed to keep the sugar low, it is still somewhat up there, and it all leads to a calorie count you’d expect with those numbers at 340.

The build of The Skinny Food Co’s newly released Skinny Flapjack is rather traditional, giving you a large bar of oats covered in a squiggle of flavor, and there are two tastes to choose from in Chocaholic Caramel and Cherry Bakewell, a popular treat in the UK. The nutritious product is currently on sale through the brand’s online store at £15.63 (20.02 USD) for a box of 12.