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SSN puts a more traditional energy drink formula in its second SMAC beverage

Ssn Smac Energy Drink

Swedish nutrition brand SSN recently reworked its canned and carbonated drink SMAC Pre-Workout, which, as the title suggests, features a more advanced pre-workout style formula as opposed to a traditional energy drink with 4g of pump-powering citrulline, 2.5g of taurine, and 200mg of caffeine. The brand has now come out with SMAC Energy Drink, a more typical energy drink that focuses more on providing convenient, uplifting energy as opposed to comprehensively supporting pumps, performance, and energy.

The main ingredient in SSN’s SMAC Energy Drink is caffeine; there is realistically nothing else over-complex in there outside of flavoring. The caffeine is at a relatively moderate amount of 140mg, and this is a large can, not Europe’s usual 500ml, and a little smaller than a 16oz at 440ml. Again, it’s nowhere near as advanced as the previously released SMAC Pre-Workout and not as ideal for pre-workout, but as something you can just pick up and go to boost energy whenever and wherever you need it, this is a better solution.

SMAC Energy Drink is already online and ready to purchase in SSN’s online store at, and surprisingly, the price is actually exactly the same as that of the SMAC Pre-Workout Drink. Directly from the Sweden-based brand you’ll pay 599 SEK (56.51 USD) for a case of two dozen cans, again, the same as 24 cans of SMAC Pre-Workout. The SMAC Energy Drink has debuted in just one sugarless flavor to start with Ice Blue and we imagine the taste is on point as SSN will have learned a lot from its first SMAC offering.

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