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First-ever Stack3d Pavilion is live at the 2024 edition of the Arnold Sports Festival

Stack3d Pavilion is open

The 2024 edition of the Arnold Expo is open, and it is jam-packed, loaded with companies in the area of health and nutrition, clothing, equipment, functional food, energy drinks, and supplements. Right at the front of the show is the industry-first Stack3d Pavilion, a dedicated section filled with brands we’ve brought together to make for one hell of an experience. We’ve got a carefully selected group in the area, all of which you’ll be more than familiar with if you’re a regular reader and long-time follower of Stack3d.

Supplement companies taking part in the Stack3d Pavilion include NutraBio, Inspired, hardcore leader Apollon Nutrition, Jim Stoppani’s JYM Supplement Science, VNDL Project, Bull Nutrition, Panda Supplements, Performix, Pump Sauce, fast-growing newcomer ZIMFit, the always loaded Ninja, Alpha Neon all the way from the UK, Wrath Performance, the Canadian powerhouse PVL, and Psycho Pharma.

Stack3d X Arnold Tee

In the area of energy drinks and functional food, the category-leader Barebells is in the mix, NOCCO, the great-tasting Ghost Energy Drink, Clear Cut Hero, LoCCo, CTRL with its delicious protein cookies and bars. Alongside all of the above is the premium shaker bottle company Ice Shaker, the reputable manufacturer MacroCap, responsible for many of the supplement companies and energy drinks you know and love, and the ingredients houses, Compound Solutions, Nutrition21, and AstraGin innovator Nuliv Science.

Today is the first day of the Arnold Expo and the Stack3d Pavilion is live, open, and welcoming visitors. The team at Stack3d will be there most of the day, with 150 tees given out each day to the first 150 people who make it to the Stack3d x Arnold Sports Festival banner in the middle of the Pavilion. We only have 75 large and 75 XL to give away per day, so be quick if you have a size you prefer, and these are extremely limited, as we’ve put them together specifically for the show with no plans for more production.