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JYM drops the caffeine for a stimulant-free version of his signature pre-workout

Stim Free Pre Jym

For as long as Jim Stoppani’s premium sports nutrition brand JYM Supplement Science has been around, it has not had a stimulant-free competitor in the world of pre-workouts, despite the reputable Pre JYM being its first major product. That changes right here on the first Monday of the month, as the more than ten-year-old company has introduced a version of that original Pre JYM that has absolutely everything the regular one does without any stimulants for all of its core benefits but nothing in the area of energy.

Now, alongside the original Pre JYM, the naturally sweetened alternative, and the powerhouse and premium Pre JYM X, is Stim-Free Pre JYM. The supplement has absolutely everything the same minus the caffeine, which is usually dosed at a reliably strong 300mg in a maximum serving. The brand has maintained everything else, from the pump-powering beetroot extract and 6g of citrulline malate, 2g of CON-CRET for strength and power, alpha-GPC and huperzine A for focus, and 6g of BCAAs to support muscle recovery and repair.

Stim-Free Pre JYM won’t cost you anything more than the regular version of Pre JYM sitting at $54.99 for a tub of 30 maximum servings, directly through the brand’s official online store over at There is no 20-serving option for the decaffeinated supplement like the regular energized product, or at least there isn’t right out of the gate, and there is just one flavor to choose from at the moment, which interestingly is not available for standard Pre JYM in Watermelon Strawberry.