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Tyngre attempts to replicate a Chokladboll in a flavor of its nutritious Protein Gröt

Tynger Chokladbooll Protein Grot

Tyngre in Sweden is treating fans this Easter, not with a special edition Easter-themed flavor or anything, but with a limited-time taste of its meal replacement Protein Gröt in a flavor local fans will likely be more than familiar with. Protein Gröt is clearly a protein-packed version of Gröt, which is essentially porridge, offering a balanced nutrition profile of protein to carbohydrates, the latter being slightly higher than the former at 20g a serving, with its clean key ingredients appropriately being oats and milk protein.

To close out the month, Tyngre has created a limited edition flavor called Chokladboll, inspired by the traditional Swedish treat of the same name, typically made of a chocolate-flavored oatmeal ball covered in coconut, perfectly suited for Protein Gröt. The sports nutrition brand’s temporary taste does indeed combine chocolate and coconut; it even has coconut flakes in there for an authentic experience, with servings providing 20g of protein, 28g of carbohydrates with a low 2.4g of that sugar, 9.9g of fat, and 295 calories.

Fans of Tyngre and those interested in trying the intriguing attempt to make Protein Gröt taste like Chokladboll, can grab a full-size 750g bag straight from the brand’s online store at a very reasonable 129 SEK (12.14 USD), with free shipping at 500 SEK.

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